Human Resources Advisory & Support Solutions

Tired of trying to do more with less? Then it's time to rethink your approach to HR. With extensive experience in HR management, MWB can help you run HR more smoothly. Whether you need help with a specific HR project, or want to outsource your entire HR function, we offer a variety of tools and services that will:


-- Build your HR team's skills > our world-class HR advisors can enhance your sourcing, selection, training, retention and succession planning processes.


-- Control costs > our staffing and performance management experts can help you improve business process efficiency, reducing turnover and hiring costs.


-- Lower employment risks > our HR consultants can conduct, process, and employ audits, ensuing compliance and improving employee relations.


-- Give you back more time > when you partner with EMS to handle repetitive HR activitites, you get more time to focus on your most important tasks.



--Human Resources Audit

--Employee Relations Issues (e.g., internal employee theft to employee performance)

--United States Labor Law & Regulations Compliance (such as FMLA. FLSA, ADA, USEERA, ADEA, EEO, COBRA, EFCA, ERISA, VETS, Wage and Hour Regulation)

--Harassment Training & Compliance (e.g., sex, race, age, etc.)

--Compensation and Reward Systems

--Performance Management and Evaluations

--Development of Job Descriptions

--Investigation of EEO Charges

--Development of Recruitment, Hiring and Selection Procedures

--Retention Programs

--Terminations/Separations Procedures

--Succession Planning (the planned practice of identifying the knowledge, skills and abilities to perform certain functions and then developing a plan to prepare multiple individuals to potentially perform those functions in the future)

--Employee Recognition Programs

--Interim HR Director Assignments

--HR Advisory Services

--Develop Employee Handbook/Policy Manuals

--Exit Interviews

--Establishing and Developing the HR Function


EMS can provide these HR services on a contract, retainer, or project basis.


EMS offers competitive rates and multiple payment arrangesment to meet our clients' needs and fit within their budgets, for all staffing requests.


To learn more, call EMS at 240-216-4728 or email